And Another Iconic Wallpaper

I made another one, because I liked the blue boat icon.

These are Tango icons made into wallpapers.  I chose to crop instead of stretching the sides out…

generic x image icon

Reminds me of "Scene from Moby Dick" at the Simpsons' house

these are image-x-generic.svg if you fancy Googling around…


Gnome Default Image Icon Wallpaper

What I done did

I was looking for wallpapers for my GNU/Linux Mint(Gnome) 9 LTS desktop.  I happened to notice that the default image icon was really nice so I wanted to make a wallpaper.

Here it is.  It’s 1440×900 and it’s been stretched in Inkscape and cropped to fit my screen.  I’ve also removed the framing and shine to make it a regular image.

Here’s the original icon:


nice 🙂

I would love to credit the creator of this iconic icon, but I don’t know who it was.  Big thanks to the Gnome Art Team for the tasty SVG.

Gnome Default Icon Wallpaper

That tree is just too nice for just an icon

So it’s looking nice on my desktop so far 🙂

Mint 9 Gnome Screenshot

Why do all good screenshots have to feature a transparent terminal?

If you know of any nice icons that would make good wallpapers, let me know!

How I done did it

Ok, I was in a hurry.  Couldn’t find anywhere the icons were located in the short time, so I had to improvise

1. Put generic image file on desktop (try an XCF if it keeps thumbnailing!)

2. Stretch icon (right click)

3. Screenshot

4. Crop and save (GIMP) as JPG file

5. Open browser to Google Images

6. Click and drag image into search box (Aha!  SVG in Wikipedia…)

7. Download and Edit in Inkscape

A bit convoluted, but it worked.