Harmonica for Hire!

I’ve been very busy working, but suddenly and inexplicably found myself on holiday with no kids around!

I am taking the time to start a little sideline.  I’ve been playing the harmonica for over half my life now, so I think I’m good enough to make some money out of it.  From now on, instead of playing my blues harmonica just for fun, I actually want people to pay me for doing what I love too!

So I’m giving lessons at £10 for a half hour, with a free harmonica with the first lesson.

Or, if any students are putting on a short film and need any authentic sounding front-porch desert landscape my-woman-done-left-me blues for your soundtrack, get in touch.  I also play a little guitar, jawharp and singing too, but we’ll see where the harmonica gets me.

So here’s my little link:-


Hope to have a jam with you someday…

(Well not you specifically, not if you’re some psycho or something)